NEW! MPM AD03000 MPM E10 Fuel Protector

MPM already has several fuel additives in its portfolio. The range has now been extended with the "E10 Fuel Protector" additive.

Under legislation effective from 1 October 2019, petrol stations in the Netherlands with two or more petrol dispensing points are required to sell E10 petrol. The use of E10 reduces engines' CO2 emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly fuel. At the same time, E10 also poses serious risks of damage!

MPM is therefore introducing the "E10 Fuel Protector" additive. It is designed to allow vehicles to carry on running safely, and to prevent problems resulting from the use of E10 fuel. Adding this additive to each tank of E10 petrol (which contains up to 10% ethanol) eliminates the negative effects of ethanol.

E10 is a EURO 95 petrol with up to 10% bioethanol added. The "E" stands for ethanol, in this case only bioethanol. Bioethanol is a type of alcohol made from products such as sugar, corn or wheat.

Although E10 does benefit the environment, using E10 also involves serious risks:

  • Not all petrol engines in vehicles, machines and tools are suitable for E10 fuel. The risks for these petrol engines include: corrosion of metal parts in the fuel system, the erosion or even total dissolution of certain types of plastics and rubbers, less effective lubrication, and rapid deterioration of the quality of the fuel over time. These problems can occur in all types of vehicles, machines and tools that have this type of petrol engine, i.e. not only passenger cars but also motorcycles, boats, scooters, generators and lawn mowers.
  • However, there is also a serious risk for petrol engines that are suitable for E10. E10 is hygroscopic (attracts water which then separates) and this increases the risk of corrosion in the fuel system and engine, especially if a car is used infrequently and the E10 fuel is in the tank for a longer period of time.

This website indicates the car brands and models which can use E10 fuel. You can also consult your vehicle's owner manual.

Note: Oldtimers and youngtimers are rarely suitable for using E10. In addition, many newer car models are also unsuitable for running on E10 petrol.

Important features of the MPM E10 Fuel Protector:

  • Combats the negative effects of ethanol in fuel (up to 10% ethanol)
  • Helps prevent corrosion of the fuel system
  • Stabilises ethanol-based fuels
  • Increases the octane number

Dosage: add 250 ml at each refuelling; sufficient for treating 40-60 litres of petrol.
Instructions: Empty the contents of the E10 Fuel Protector into the fuel tank at the filling station before filling up.

Packaging units: Volume per unit per pallet EAN code
AD03250 0.25 L 6 1290 8714293164777

In case of technical questions:
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